K-9 COMPETITION SPONSORED BY: Megan Shoenfelt – The Terra Depot

EVENT COORDINATOR: Officer David Jatich

EMAIL: david.jatich@cantonohio.gov

LOCATION: Canton PD K9 Training Facility, 2436 30th St NE, Canton, Ohio 44705

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2023  at 0800

Check-in on site at the Canton Police K9 Training Compound
2436 30 th St. NE Canton Ohio 44705,
Rules and Safety brief. (Break area for K9’s is outside the training field across from the entrance.)

On-site safety is a priority, a waiver of liability will be completed at all venues prior to participation, handler responsibility and general obedience must be displayed while on premises. A high level of motivation will be needed from all competitors.  Depending on number of participants and motivation of competitors will determine expanding the competition.

TACTICAL – 0830 Tactical Skills Course/Agility
This will include crawling under objects/barriers going over obstacles/barriers, traveling through vehicles, going up stairs, and any other task you can foresee running into on the street. This is a timed event, fastest times determine place. (No Apprehension)
DETECTION A – 1000-1030 – Narcotics detection
This will be completed in an impound lot with approximately 40 vehicles, the vehicles will be broken down into groups of 4-5, time starts when you start the search and ends when you call the proper source of odor. Time will resume when you begin the next search area and stop again when you complete. Fastest time overall determines your place. (No Marijuana Hides)
DETECTION B –1030-1100– Explosives detection
This will be an outdoor open area search of a lot with one hide, the lot will have all types of vehicles, trailers, and equipment. You will move on site after everyone completes this to a second location for the same type of search with 1 hide. Final site will be a bank of 10 vehicles/1 hide. Time starts when you begin the search and stops when you locate the hide/source and call it, time will restart at each site and stop with each find, fastest time determines your place. (Odors will be real and certification standard, no synthetic)
1200-1300 Lunch
PATROL A – 1300 Article search
search starts same time, competitors may do both events as they will be on site together. 3 Articles will be placed in a field, medium height grass. Time starts when the search begins and ends when all articles are located. Be courteous  to other competitors when rewarding and locating. In the event of site contamination, a new area of the field will be used. Any canine urination or defacation on article search site will be immediate disqualification.
1300 Group meets at Vaness K9 Funhouse (818 Mulberry Rd SE Canton OH 44705) Building Search closed door simulated hallway search will be a “bark = apprehension” and proper engagement will be required to stop the clock. Fastest times determine place.
PATROL B – Tracking and Criminal Apprehension – 1430 Apprehension in harsh environment
This could be a dark room, fend off, equipment shed or any combination of all these and more to make your K9 work through pressure and have a great time. This will be done with experienced decoys and made to be fun and safe for the K9 team. No dog will be pushed to failure, successful engagements will be made for each K9. This event is all about your dog doing work and getting stronger, you may only assist the K9 in the event verbally, no touching of the K9 or decoy. The decoy(s) will determine place for this event.
***Hard Dog – This will be an overall assessment from the decoys and judges based off the grip pressure, forward aggression and targeting of the K9.
The ultimate goal of all these events is to have fun, learn from one another, and get some great training in. We know challenging our K9 partners is the only way we can find what we need to work on. As a bonus you may get some shiny medals to throw around your partners neck and take some cool pictures. We look forward to seeing you and your partners this year!

*Events are subject to change, at anytime.
Based on number of participants.