Eligibility to Compete

The following are permitted to participate in The Ohio Police and Fire Games:

Certified Law Enforcement or Fire Fighting personnel with Federal, State, County, City, Municipal,
Harbor/Port Authority, Transit and University — this includes:

  • U.S. Marshals
  • County Sheriffs and Deputies
  • Police Officers
  • Highway Patrol Officers
  • Firefighters
  • District Attorney’s Investigators
  • Drug Enforcement Agents
  • Alcoholic Beverage Investigators
  • Fish and Game Officers
  • Parole and Probation Officers
  • Corrections Officers
  • Customs and Immigration Services Agents
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents
  • Secret Service Agents
  • Justice Department Agents
  • Parks and Wildlife Officers
  • Military Police
  • Military Fire Fighters
  • Prosecutors

*NOTE: Each competitor MUST be employed full time by, or retired from, one of the above agencies at the first day of competition of entered sport.

Special Eligibility

The Board of Directors makes it possible for others to be eligible to compete in the Games.

Spouses, Support Staff, Volunteer Law Enforcement, and Volunteer Fire Service will be allowed to participate in all events. This includes:

  • SPOUSES of law enforcement officers and fire fighters, or any other qualifying agency listed.
  • SUPPORT STAFF with any above listed agency; this includes clerical, administrative assistants, records clerks, chaplains, civil officers, dispatchers, etc., currently employed by a qualified agency.
  • SWORN AUXILIARY OFFICERS, PART TIME OFFICERS and RESERVE OR SPECIAL DEPUTIES – must have documentation showing they have completed the 582 hours Basic Police Academy training required by the State of Ohio, and are currently sworn, in order to participate.
  • VOLUNTEER and/or PART TIME FIRE FIGHTERS – must have documentation showing they have completed Basic Fire Fighter training required by the State of Ohio in order to participate.
  • EMS – must be affiliated with a Fire Department (does not include private) in order to participate.
  • MILITARY – Any active or retired military personnel, or any veteran with a DD214 (or equivalent) and an honorable discharge, is eligible to participate.

*NOTE: Special Eligibility does not affect the awarding of medals. Participants receive Gold, Silver or Bronze based on performance only, not eligibility.

Anyone who is eligible to participate in any individual event is eligible to participate in any team event.

At this time, Private Security is not eligible to compete.

Any Out-of-State or International Competitors are welcome to participate in the Ohio Games!

If there is a question regarding ANY eligibility, the Board has the final say and their decision is final.